5 Ways to Remember to Use your Reusable Bags

If your schedule is anything like mine, it seems like each day is just one “to-do list” after another.  This makes it easy to forget even the most simple of tasks, which can include forgetting to bring your reusable bag on your next shopping trip.

Images of plastic bags floating in our oceans or in the mouth of a poor sea turtle are virtually everywhere and most people would admit that they know plastic bags are harmful to the environment.  The problem with these plastic bags is that they do not biodegrade; so once they are made, they are in the environment forever.

Many organizations, including Surfrider, are trying to raise public awareness to reduce plastic bag usage in our daily lives.  You can help by buying or making your own reusable bags and using these bags whenever you go shopping.  The only problem – remembering the reusable bags when you leave your house!

5 Tips for Remembering Your Reusable Bags

1.  Write on the top of your Grocery list “Remember Reusable Bags!” before you even write down a single grocery item.  This way, when you grab your list you will remember to grab your reusable bag on your way out the door.

2.  Keep your reusable bags by your front door so that they are visible on your way out of the house.

3.  Keep your reusable bags in the trunk of your car so that they are always with you whenever you leave the house.

4.  If you did not bring your reusable bags into the grocery store, simply put your groceries back into your cart after checking out   and pack them at your car with your reusable bags!

5.  Buy or make reusable bags that are compactable.  That way you can store them in your purse for those small shopping trips!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for remembering your reusable bags, please add them to the comments section.


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