Five Reasons to Switch from Plastic to Reusable Bags

Plastic bags have always been a part of the typical American grocery shopping experience. Once all groceries are purchased and put away in either the cabinets or refrigerator, there sits a collection of plastic bags to be used again or disposed of. What seems to be an accepted social norm is actually hurting our environment in more ways than one. Not only do plastic bags litter our environment, but they kill animals, require tremendous amounts of resources and energy to be produced, and release harmful toxins into the environment. The list goes on, but shows why now is the perfect time to change from plastic to reusable bags.

1.  Environmental Benefits: “An estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter worldwide.” Even if plastic bags are disposed and put into a landfill, these bags can sit for 1000 years and release harmful toxins into the soil and air. You can stop this harmful cycle by using reusable bags.

2. Variety of Uses: Reusable bags aren’t just for groceries. They can be used as carryon bags, for overnight trips, to carry books to class, virtually anything.

3. Sturdier than Plastic Bags: How many times have you been stuck with picking things up off the ground because your plastic bag has ripped? Reusable bags are more durable and can hold heavier objects. That means no more of your food rolling across the supermarkets parking lot.

4. Cheaper: Places such as Seattle have already banned plastic bags, and have put a five cent charge on paper bags. To prevent this, all one has to do is purchase a reusable bag.

5. Less clutter: Instead of being left with twenty plastic bags after grocery shopping and not knowing what to do with them, you will now have larger reusable bags that simply can be put away in places such as a linen closet.


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