“Nau” is the Time for New Clothing

The recycling bin is full. Never is a light or appliance left on when not being used. You have an array of reusable bags that you bring on your weekly shopping excursions. Even your compost soil out back is growing vibrant, delicious vegetables. What is there left to do then, in the stride to being a consciously green individual?

How about a new wardrobe of organic, sustainable clothing.

 Introducing Nau, (pronounced “now”) a chic, outdoor and urban clothing company that is entirely sustainable- everything from their products to their business is done in an eco-friendly way. Nau is a small company located in Portland, Oregon, where twenty unique individuals combine their daily passions, as well their desire to make the world more environmentally friendly to create a modern and hip clothing line.

We like to go outside. A lot of us ride bikes. We also ski, snowboard, climb, surf, run, make music, see music, take pictures, grow food, eat food, stay out late, have families, and have dogs who clack around and sleep at our feet”


“For us, sustainable fashion means timeless colors, smart design, eco-friendly materials and simple care. For you, it means style you’ll want to wear more than just one season”

Nau uses “natural, renewable fibers produced in a sustainable manner; synthetic fabrics that contain high recycled content; managed toxics in all product finishes and dyes; salvaged and recycled materials for retail fixtures”. Two percent of all Nau sales also go to a humanitarian or environmental partner for change which includes groups such as Ecotrust and Ashoka.

How much am I paying?

Although Nau clothing appears to be a dream come true for young, environmentally savvy individuals, it could break the bank for many people. Because of its sustainable nature, Nau clothing reflects the true cost of “developing, producing and distributing innovative, high-performance clothing.” For this reason, a shirt you could purchase at Target for $10.00 may be $90.00 at Nau. So at the end of the day, you may be purchasing clothing that  fits with your environmentally conscious life style, but it may have to come at a high price.


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