On The Boardwalk, We’ll Be Havin’ Some Fun!


Interested in visiting some of New Jersey’s most popular boardwalks this summer?  You’ll find a pocket guidebook here to the biggest boardwalks of N.J.’s coast.

Asbury Park:  Although this boardwalk is in the process of a renovation, it is still open for business!  One mile long, it is home to new shops.  Eat anytime at the Tide’s Café or head over to Brielle’s Cycles for rentals and repairs.  Don’t forget to stop at the Mini-Golf and Asbury Amusement Factory for some fun in the arcade!  Perhaps the most popular attraction near-by, which cannot go without mention, is The Stone Pony.  Home to some of Asbury Park’s nightlife, feel free to stop by The Stone Pony and have a drink and see a show!

Atlantic City:  Best known for its casinos, the Atlantic City boardwalk still has 4 miles of much more to offer.  Steel Pier has amusement rides for both adults and children.  Various eateries and shops line the boardwalk as well.  Don’t forget to stop in Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum to see some usual sights and pick up a souvenir at one of the many shops on your way out!

Ocean City:  Ocean City’s boardwalk boosts 2.5 miles of fun!  Gillian’s Wonderland Pier has a 140-foot Ferris wheel with some of Ocean City’s best views.  Other rides include a roller coaster, bumper cars, miniature golf courses, and a log flume.  The Music Pier hosts exciting concerts and shows by some local artists as well as renowned musicians.  Don’t forget to grab some food at the Crab Trap restaurant before you leave!

Seaside Heights:  Perhaps now, one of the most well known beaches in American, Seaside Heights is home to a very lively mile long boardwalk!   Nightlife is among the best at the Jersey Shore, with the Bamboo Bar and Club XS.  Jenkinson’s Casino Pier has over 40 rides for both children and adults.  Don’t forget to visit the water park on the Casino Pier as well!  And if you have some time, you cannot possibly walk past Midway Cheese Steak without stopping for some mouth-watering delights!  And if you just want to relax and shop, Seaside has numerous clothing and accessory stores that line the boardwalk.  There’s something for everyone!

So what are you doing still reading this?!  Get down to the Jersey Shore and have some fun!!


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