Plastic Beaches

Plastic bags have become the standard of how many consumers shop and take home their items throughout much of America. As we know plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment, and with no way of truly recycling these bags it creates waste that can sometimes end up in locations that we value, such as our beaches. Plastic bags can hurt ocean wildlife and create an annoying burden on those beach goers who are surrounded by plastic waste while trying to enjoy their day off of vacation.

There needs to be new options for vacationeers to bring their items to the beach without  the possibility of leaving the harmful plastic bags that litter beaches like the one shown above. Reusable shopping bags have slowly started to become more and more attractive to those people who are becoming environmentally aware. You can purchase numerous different kinds of reusable bags at your local stores, make your own bag or even purchase custom reusable bags that show your interests at Many other companies are now taking the initiate to try and end plastics bags themselves such as Terracycle, that with our garbage make different products made out of waste.

With numerous different options now presently available, there needs to be a more conscious switch from plastic bags to a new alternative that is healthy for our environment. You can easily go out an make a personal change yourself to help the movement progress!


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