Shark Frenzy – Curious or Mean?

What are North Americas top shark attack beaches? Beaches such as North Shore, Hawaii and Stinson Beach, California are just two that have had numerous shark attacks on humans. You would be surprised to learn that Long Beach Island, New Jersey is on that list. Top Shark Attack Beaches In North America.. Shark attacks are more common in areas such as California and Hawaii due to the amount of food available. While NJ doesn’t have a main food source for sharks, this region is no stranger to deadly shark attacks.


Almost everyone has seen the movie Jaws, a Steven Spielberg film about a massive great white shark terrorizing beach goers. What most people don’t know is where the inspiration for this story came from. In July 1916, New Jersey history was changed forever. During a long 11-day stretch in July, five people were viciously attacked along the Jersey Shore. Only one of the four victims survived the attacks. Panic arose all over NJ as the victims added up. This terrifying time period scarred Jersey beach goers and inspired the creation of the story Jaws.

Are sharks simply large predatory fish hunting humans for food? Scientists have attempted to understand the science behind shark attacks. Three main theories for why sharks may attack humans have been identified. According to the Save Our Seas Foundation, the three theories are the investigative theory, mistaken identity theory, and the social/defensive theory.

1)    The investigative theory is simply the fact that sharks are exploratory creatures by nature. Being that sharks do not contain arms or hands, in order to investigate foreign objects sharks bite.  This could be the reason for a number of nonfatal attacks on humans.

2)    The mistaken identity theory is just as the title implies. Because humans have large bodies similar to prey hunted by sharks, scientists believe sharks mistake humans for a meal.

3)    Social/defensive Theory is the theory that states sharks often attack humans while defending personal space. To discourage other sharks or fish from intruding, sharks often bite.

As sharks and humans both continue to roam the oceans together, more attacks are guaranteed to occur.  The idea that sharks are evil, man-eating creatures of the sea is a thing of the past. Think about this next time you read about a shark attack…


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