“The Shore” at Asbury Park

Personally being from Florida, I am used to more quite beaches on the Gulf Coast of Mexico than in the Jersey Shore. In comparison to the Gulf, the shore holds all different types of entertainment that can not be found at any beach or shore in the United States. At Asbury Park you can walk the boardwalk which is full of shops for all ages, restaurants and bars for those who are of age. In my beach town in Naples, Florida we have no boardwalks or bars but simply white sand beaches. You can sometimes find yourself wondering why haunt they built different kinds of entertainment around the beach. You don’t need to search for different outlets at Asbury Park.

If you don’t want to spend your day laying in the sand, you don’t have to stray away from going down to the Asbury Park Boardwalk. You can find all different kinds of excitement and entertainment simply walking along the beach. One of my personal favorite attractions in Asbury Park is the Stone Pony. Both a bar and small music venue you can walk in any night and find local bands playing tunes. If your lucky on which night you choose you can even be presently surprised with a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen, who sometimes stops by to jam.

No matter who you are you can find something that will keep you coming back to Asbury Park. The shore, boardwalk and the Stone Pony Provide a youthful fun environment that any age group can take advantage of!!!


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