“Urbanize” plastic bags

If you’re anything like me your apartment or house is filled with unwanted plastic bags from anything you have purchased in the past five years. JUST SAY NO.

The plastic bag usage in this country is like a disease. We keep trying to fight it off but it keeps coming back because we cannot seem to find the solution to combatting the enemy plastic.

Have no fear the penicillin is here! Here are two simple ways of cutting the amount of plastic used:

Urbano ECO Trash Can” was a product design by a woman who simply had too many plastic bags (as seen on this website) in her house just like the rest of us. It was the winner of a 2005 Pratt Product Design Competition and if I do say myself it is extremely unique. You can hook all of the plastic bags that you have to the bottom and continue using them as waste bags that way you can reuse the plastic already in your house.

Plus being that its, only 18$ online for something that will help reduce the waste in your house AND in the environment, why not buy one?

In the mean time, buy a reusable bag. Seriously. It is absolutely worth it in the long run. Pretty soon every state will have a ban tax on plastic bags. Internationally it is already seen in Ireland, China, Australia, parts of Africa, and Europe. In the United States, more and more are jumping on the recycling “banned” wagon and implementing policies against plastic bags. plastic-bag-bans-world.asp

Why pay for plastic bag usage when you can just keep using the same bag over and over for free? Its better for your wallet and for the beaches and wildlife in the ocean!

Don’t make them suffer for the convenience of a one time disposal. “Urbanize” plastic bags with a  purchase of either a trendy new trash can and/ or bag, I’m sure this guy will thank you.


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